What We Do

Adhering to our core purposes as a charity, we currently provide financial, spiritual and professional assistance to our first school in Africa – Dominion Hope Academy.

Working with the management team, we set targets, require accountability and influence processes.  The trustees provide ongoing support through regular communication and organising visits to the school.

Rights to education

Our overarching commitment to every child at Dominion Hope Academy is in line with the aims of Unicef that states:

“Every child has the right to an education – whatever their background, gender or ethnicity. Unicef wants to see a world where all children enjoy this right.”

Education is a key social and cultural right and plays an important role in reducing poverty and child labour. Furthermore, education promotes democracy, peace, tolerance, development and economic growth. There are a number of articles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that focus on a child’s right to education.

Holistic learning

We also believe the chance to learn can change a child’s life and this means that children at Dominion Hope Academy can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and will be encouraged to fulfil their potential.  

Developing the overall wellbeing of all staff and children is central to our concerns and we encourage a holistic approach to learning to ensure that the physical, spiritual and emotional needs are as important as the educational investment.

Additionally we are committed to:

  • Providing access to extra-curricular activities.
  • Investing in the ongoing training of staff.
  • Providing at least one hot meal a day.
  • Facilitating a Dominion school football team.

Our story so far…

The original Dominion School in Africa commenced within the community of Gachie, located just outside Nairobi, Kenya.  Starting with just one teacher and two pupils, the Director, Faith Onyango, opened the doors to Dominion school in January 2012.  Full of expectation and excitement, her vision was to build a school that would give children a place to thrive in the heart of the community and this all started within the building of Gachie Worship Centre.  Since then, the school has gone from strength to strength, considerably growing in size.  This has been demonstrated through the physical expansion of Gachie Worship Centre adding several classrooms to the building, as well as a growing staff team and approximately 150 students enrolled in the school.

Further progress

With the growth of the school, there have been further developments.  A sustainable plan is in place which has included purchasing new land to continue expanding the number of classrooms the school has.  In 2019, official registration of the school led to a name change to Dominion Hope Academy.

In 2018, alongside the developments in Kenya, the support in the UK has also undergone changes.  Primarily a restructure of the charity and its core aims and purposes.  This is to ensure sustainable growth and included a change of trustees and a name change.  The sponsorship programme was enhanced and the charity aims were broadened to include future schools in Africa being set up under the umbrella of Dominion Schools (Africa).