Our Aims

We believe every child is significant and should be given opportunities to thrive.

Children have a natural curiosity to learn and this is enhanced when they are in an environment that encourages this.  Having access to quality education within a safe and nurturing environment, with teachers who are passionate about education is key to helping children to flourish.

Core purposes

As an international educational charity, our core purposes explain our commitment:

  • To provide financial support to Dominion Hope Academy in Gachie, Kenya and any subsequent Dominion Hope Academy set up with the assistance of the charity.
  • To support Dominion Hope Academy governors in the delivery of high-quality education underpinned by Christian values.
  • To assist and support the school governors in the replication of Dominion Hope Academy, Gachie within another area of Africa.

Wellbeing commitment

We are deeply committed to the wellbeing of our children and staff and this is demonstrated through the nutritious food offered at the school, the extra-curricular activities and the investment in teacher training.

Our values

The following values define what we do and why we do it, focused on tangible outcomes for the children, schools and communities we serve:

  • Transforming Lives Lifting the neediest children from disadvantage to life-changing opportunities through high-quality teaching and well-managed schools.

  • Biblical FoundationsChristian values and beliefs are at the heart of everything we do and the basis of every decision made.

  • Sustainable CommunitiesEnsuring the school model implemented is suitable for its surroundings and is sustainable long-term.

  • Ambitious Growth Commitment to seeing children, and those around them, develop and reach their potential through holistic teaching in a nurturing environment.

  • Organisational IntegrityGuaranteeing everything we do as a charity is transparent, honest and excellent.