This campaign was very successful but has now concluded.  You can still donate but please contact us if you wish to be kept informed of future campaigns.

Christmas 2020

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Christmas may look a bit different this year, but you can still make a difference to the lives of children at Dominion Hope Academy, Kenya. We have some exciting gift opportunities for Christmas 2020.

For most of us, 2020 is a year we won’t forget in a hurry.  COVID-19 meant that the school was forced to close for most of the academic year. The silver lining is that we were able to use this time to continue the construction of the new school building and with the generous contribution of many of our sponsors, we are looking forward to opening the new building in January 2021 and welcoming students back to Dominion Hope Academy.

We still need to buy essential supplies to get the school ready in time and we’d love you to partner with us in providing these necessary items. 

For as little as £4, we have one-off gifts, such as balls and hula hoops, or you may want to provide something bigger such as a desk, which would help to furnish the school for the new term.

We have developed a wider choice of regular payment options to help support the whole school, a single class or food programme, and corporate support packages which provide real impact.

Important:  When donating, please use the special instructions box in the CAF Online donation form to specify your preference for the  item or package you wish to support.

Despite this year’s challenges, you can spread some love and cheer by supporting Dominion Schools Africa and changing a child’s future for the better.

We will send you a thank you certificate for any item purchased. The artwork on these was created by the children, the beautiful smiling faces are self-portraits completed during one of their holistic learning sessions. 

Thank you so much from all of us at Dominion Schools (Africa) for your continued support, without you the school just simply could not function and the children would not be getting the excellent standard of education, nutrition and pastoral care that they benefit from.

Gift options

Please note:  Images are indicative and actual items procured may differ depending on availability and value for money.


Sports balls – £4 each

hula hoops

Hula hoops – £4 each


Bag hooks (pair) – £5

skipping rope

Skipping rope – £5


Books bundle – £12


Blackboard – £18


Whiteboard set – £35


Desk – £38


Slide – £50


Seesaw – £55


Swing set – £90


Staff laptop – £185

DSA girl with mask on during COVID pandemic

Staying safe in the new school during the COVID-19 pandemic.